Hanes House (Ralph and Dewitt), the home of Wake Forest University President Established in 1930 | Landscape Architect: Ellen Biddle Shipman | Lawn Care Company: Wake Forest University Facilities and Second Nature Gardens, Ltd. Lighting: WFU Facilities | Hardscape Architect: WFU Facilities | Plant Source: Wake Forest University Facilities 􀀔and Second Nature Gardens, Ltd.


Home of Nancy and Charlie Thomas | Landscape Architect: Steven Bare served as a consultant | Lawn Care Company: on own | Hardscape Architect: Steven Cole | Plant Sources: Various nurseries through North Carolina


The home of Rex Welton and Brad Moss | 2626 Arbor Place Court | Established: 2007
Pergola: Architect: John Sangiamino/Coventry Design | Builder: Bobby and Cameron Bridges | Water Garden: Gorden McKinna, McKinna Water Garden Services | Lighting: Castlelights | Plant Source: Variety of nurseries throughout North Carolina



The home of Betsy and David Keller | 2697 Arbor Place Court | Established 2013 | Landscape Architects: David Keller and Mike Gauloin (Mustard Seed) | Lighting: David Keller | Hardscape Architect: Mustard Seed | Plant Source: Variety of Nurseries in North Carolina


The home of Juanna and Bobby Wooten | 3821 Guinevere Lane | Landscape Architect: on own | Lawn Care Company: on own
Ryan Gitter with Evergreen Lawns helps with trimming the large shrubbery.
Lighting: on own | Hardscape Architect: on own | Fencing: Swaim Ornamental Fence | Plant Source: Variety of nurseries throughout North Carolina


The home of Jamie Bennett and Stephanie Shott | 2300 Buena Vista Road | Established: 2009 and 2017
Landscape Architect: David Davis | Lawn Care Company: Biology | Lighting: Castle Lights |Hardscape Architect: David Davis | Plant Source: Variety of nurseries throughout North Carolina


Established in March, 2014 | Landscape Architect: Richard Patterson, Perennial Landscape and Jeff Allen, JALA (back area) | Lawn Care Company: Perennial Landscape | Lighting: Paul DeHaan | Plant Source: Perennial Landscape


The home of Sidney and Dan Falken Established in March, 2014 Landscape Architect: Chip Callaway | Landscape Execution: Piedmont Carolina Nurseries Lighting Design: Chip Callaway  | Lighting Installation: Piedmont Carolina Nurseries Hardscape Architect: Chip Callaway  | Hardscape Installation: Piedmont Carolina Nurseries Retaining Walls: Sparks Masonry Plant Source: Piedmont Carolina Nurseries


The Apple and Green City Farm | 919 Apple Street NW (Corner of Apple and Green Streets) | Established: 2015
Owners and Caretakers:  Matt Mayers and Sam Shapiro | Plant Source: Most plants are started from seed. Their main source is Fedco and Johnny’s. Other seeds are found at Rohrer, Southern Exposure and Baker Creek


UNCSA Chancellor’s Residence: the home of Lindsay Bierman and Alan Henderson Established in Spring, 2015 | Landscape Architect: Chip Callaway | Lawn Care Company: Piedmont Carolina Nursery and Landscape | Lighting: Clarolux, manufactured in Greensboro, NC | Hardscape Architect: no modifications to the roof | Plant Source: Piedmont Carolina Nurseries, in Colfax, NC | River Bend Nursery in Riner, VA (shallow roof trays)


The home of Jayne and Doug Williams | Established in 2008 Landscape Architect: Earth Graphics | Vonnie Hannah and Ellen McCullough from Old Salem Horticulture | Department for the guidance and expertise in establishing the period garden at this residence. | Hardscape Architect: Dancing Iris | Plant Source: Plants: Frank’s Nursery | Rocks: Stratford Landscape Supply | Home is located in National Register of Historic Districts


Established in 2012 | Landscape Architect: Jeff Allen | Lawncare Company: Masterworks Environmental Planning | Lighting: Coppermoon | Hardscape Architect: Jeff Allen | Plant source: Variety of Nurseries in NC


Michael Ryden and Arthur Easter | 29 Cascade Avenue Established in 1917 | Landscape Architect: the driveway and stone patio designed by Jeff Allen, JALA and installed by Brent Tally. Most of the new plantings working within the established historic plantings were designed and installed by homeowner, Arthur Easter the rose garden within the existing English boxwood hedge designed by homeowners and installed by Alice Parrish in 2006 | Cedar Arbors designed by homeowners and installed by Gene Holder. | Lawn Care Company: Steve Mock, Living Earth Land Scapes and Matt Warlick | Hardscape Architect: Jeff Allen, JALA: patio area, Brent Talley – Installation | Plant Source: A variety of nurseries throughout North Carolina | Home is a Forsyth County Local Historic Landmark


The Thomas S. Kenan Institute for the Arts | 1722 Main Street (corner of Main and Gloria) | Redesigned in 2015 by John Newman
Landscape Architect: John Newman | Lawn Care Company: John Newman | Lighting: none | Hardscape Architect: Chip Callaway, 2011
Fencing: none | Plant Source: John Newman | On the historic register: No