Beautification Fund Grants

The Beautification Fund was established in 1976 to allow the Garden Club Council to support beautification activities and projects.

The Garden Club Council of Winston-Salem and Forsyth County actively seeks organizations that need funding for landscaping projects. These projects can be in neighborhoods, at schools, and in other such public spaces. A request should be sent to the Council as outlined below. The Beautification Committee will meet three times each year, in September, January, and March. Any request must be received at Headquarters by the first day of the month in which the Committee meets. Therefore, grant requests must be received by September 1, January 1, or March 1.

Guidelines For Requests

  • Click here for a Beautification Grant Application
  • Submit a complete grant application including a plan and the total amount of money needed for the project. The plans do not have to be detailed architectural drawings but rather a framework of the project.  Include the variety of plants to be used, container sizes and costs per plant, number of plants of each variety, and how these plants will be used in the project design. Please include a watering schedule/plan and how the landscape will be maintained.
  • The Council will approve expenses for plant material only, not to include labor, mulch, decorative rocks, gardening tools, irrigation systems, garden furniture, water features, statuary, or shipping charges.
  • Projects should include monies for perennials, trees and shrubbery, and not annuals. Funds are intended to be for the long term landscape, not for the year-in and year-out annual garden.


The process for granting is as follows:

1. A request is sent to the Beautification Chairman.
2. The Beautification Committee meets to approve or deny the request. On occasion, the person requesting funds will be contacted for more information to assure an informed
decision by the committee.
3. If approved by the Beautification Committee, the request is then presented to the Advisory Board of the Garden Club Council.
4. If approved by the Board, the request is presented to the full Council for approval.
5. The Beautification Chairman collects all invoices from suppliers to be accompanied with a Grant Identification Code, and directs the Treasurer to pay only after plants have been received.
6. Grants are approved for a period of up to two years. At the end of the grant period, monies will revert to the Council funds.

Mail or deliver completed project requests to:

Beautification Chairman
Garden Club Council
100 Reynolda Village
Winston-Salem, NC 27106

Or Email completed project requests to:


Active Projects

  • Sherwood Forest Elementary
  • Ardmore Community Garden
  • Arts-Based Elementary School
  • Winston Square Park Coalition
  • Keep Winston-Salem Beautiful Flower Beds
  • Wiley Magnet Middle School
  • Crossnore Garden – Phase 1 and 2
  • Silas Creek Parkway Project
  • SECU Family House Park Project
  • Happy Hill Neighborhood Clock Tower
  • Atkins High School
  • R.J. Reynolds High School
  • St. Leo Catholic School

Completed Projects

  • 2020 Homestead Hills
  • 2019 Knollwood Baptist Church Preschool
  • 2019 Meadowlark Elementary
  • 2019 Salvation Army (Boys & Girls Club)
  • 2019 Industries for the Blind
  • 2018 Passageway Park
  • 2018 Moravian Archives (Endowment)
  • 2018 YMCA Family Garden
  • 2017 City of WS Creek Week (Endowment)
  • 2017 Amos Cottage
  • 2017 Old Salem Museum & Gardens
  • 2017 El Buen Pastor Church
  • 2016 Sherwood Elementary School Outdoor Classrooms
  • 2016 Messiah Moravian Preschool Natural Playground
  • 2015 Mt. Tabor High School Courtyard Garden
  • 2015 Robinhood Road YMCA Children’s Garden
  • 2015 Arts Based Elementary School Garden
  • 2015 Boy Scout Project – Clemmons
  • 2014 Sustainable Ardmore
  • 2011 Buena Vista Median Project
  • 2011 SECU House
  • 2011 Runnymede Park
  • 2011 Robinhood Tails Neighborhood
  • 2010 Ronald McDonald House
  • 2009-2012 Reynolda Gardens
  • 2009 Caleb’s Creek Elementary School
  • 2008-2011 Family Services
  • 2008 Cancer Services
  • 2004 Whitaker School
  • 2004 Industries for the Blind
  • 2003-2004 Hanes Middle School
  • 2002-2004 R.J. Reynolds Auditorium
  • 2002 MLK Extension
  • 2002 Enrichment Center
  • 2002 Emily Allen’s Garden
  • 2000 Emily Allen’s Garden
  • 2000 Senior Services
  • 2000-2003 Single Brothers Garden at Old Salem
  • 1999-2015 Keep Winston-Salem Beautiful
  • 1998 SECCA Project at Winston Lake Youth Landscaping Project
  • 1998 Brunson Elementary School
  • 1997 NCSA