We are excited that we are part of the long-standing tradition of the Dixie Class Fair Flower Show. We would love to have all of our council clubs represented. About 300,000 people a year visit the fair and many of those look forward to the exhibits. Let’s give them something to talk about!! All entries must be preregistered by September 1st at dcfair.com/entries. Susan Gilmore will be happy to walk anyone through registration (336-414-4523).  I am also available to walk through your yard and give you an idea of what plants might be at their peak of perfection on Oct 4 or Oct 9 so they can be preregistered.  Please preregister for any class that you feel you could have a specimen.  You are not penalized for not bringing a Horticulture specimen that you have preregistered. If you are registered for a Design entry, you must bring it or find a substitute and contact Virginia Sutton (704-996-0418). It is a fun and educational experience. Someone will win the blue ribbons and we would like for it to be YOU!